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Haters in the RV Community

What’s a Hater?

“A label that some people apply to anyone who disagrees with them on any subject. Such name-calling is designed to discourage critical and independent thinking and prevent full inspection of bogus ideas and beliefs” (Urban Dictionary 2013).

Haters in the RV Community

I don’t usually refer to the Urban Dictionary for the type of writing that I do, but in this case, Urban Dictionary is the best resource because slang is king in this post.

These days, haters are all around us. If you are reading this post, then most likely you’ve encountered a hater or two in your life. Maybe you are the hater. I’m not judging the reason you found this post. I’m just writing about my observations recently, and more specifically, my observations about haters in the RV community.

We Are Family

Writing about haters in the RV community could take all day. It seems by the day, the once carefree and relaxed group of RVers has become increasingly mean and less accepting of others than they used to be. Shame on you, RVing community. Thankfully, these posers infiltrating our ranks only make up a small number of us, and many of us are smart enough to know when someone is a hater, and we point our campers in a different direction.

I’m a member of a few RVing groups. I am part of a women’s RV community; I am a member of FMCA; I am a member of RV Village, and I am also a part of a few small camper and teardrop groups. Since I have two RVs (a motorhome and a T@B), I vacillate between the different types of RV camping. I get to experience long road trips where we stay at RV resorts, and I also get to experience state parks, boondocking, and camping in national forests. I am lucky and so grateful to be able to RV in so many different ways.

Lately, the tiny teardrop and the T@B community has been growing. I see 3-4 T@Bs on the road every time I travel. I love seeing other T@bbers out and about because we are a tight-knit community who share the love of our T@Bs and the outdoors. Ask any T@B owner one of their favorite parts about owning a T@B, and most likely they will say the friendships they’ve made with other T@B (and T@G) owners, and the support we get from one another. Our community is a beautiful community.

Offer Advice and Don’t Chastise

Sadly, some of these haters have infiltrated our ranks. People who are not like-minded, and the people who feel the need to share their opinion with everyone instead of just offering helpful advice. It’s gotten bad enough that some people have to post disclaimers when they pose a question to the community. It makes me sad when a solo female RVers has to post a disclaimer to a group of people before she asks a question because she knows these haters will slam her for asking the question in the first place. Again, SHAME ON YOU. We have all been a beginner at one point or another. We have all experienced scary things on the road. The RV community should love that people feel comfortable enough to ask a question in a safe space.

I’d like to see the RV community stay the way it used to be. I don’t want hate because I have two RVs. I know; I’m lucky. I don’t want to be put down because I choose to travel alone, and I choose to travel with my spouse. We are all different. That is what makes us human. As humans, we should accept that each one of us is different. We don’t have to agree with the decisions someone else makes, but we should be open-minded enough to recognize that someone else has a differing opinion, and we should be happy that we live in a place where we can have different points-of-views.

We’re Not All Minimalists

T@B owners can’t travel in a way that people who own motorhomes travel. Our space limits us from bringing everything we own with us on our journeys. But, that doesn’t mean that all T@Bbers are minimalists. I am NOT a minimalist. I’ll be the first to say that loud and proud. I usually have six or seven pair of shoes with me when I am camping. I bring my makeup; I bring all of my work equipment; I bring my dogs and their gear; I bring my bike; I bring my paddleboard, and I bring way too many pieces of clothing. It’s who I am. I’ve never been able to pack light. I know this about myself, and I accept it. I am an over-packer.

Just because someone has the same type of camper that you have, doesn’t mean that person travels in the same way as you do. Maybe you like wearing the same pair of socks, three days in a row. Cool. You do you, boo.

Just because someone puts modifications on their T@Bs to hold hoses and bins on the front doesn’t mean that person shouldn’t own a T@B because he or she brings too much with them. It’s whatever. Let that person be. If you don’t like the mod, move on without saying a word. No one tells the Sisters on the Fly they have too much crap with them when they travel. It’s quite the opposite. Everyone praises them for their cute decor and over-the-top camping style.

Pour Yourself a Glass of Haterade

If telling people how they should or should not camp is your jam, then pour yourself a large glass of Haterade and take a sip. Most likely, the people you want to associate with will start to recognize your hater status, and because we are a helpful and friendly community, we will accept you with open arms anyway. Because RV life is love, and ain’t nobody got time for the negative shit.

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