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  • Meagan Butler

West Omaha / NE Lincoln KOA (Nebraska)

I rated this RV Park: 4/5

RV Park: West Omaha / NE Lincoln KOA Location: Gretna, Nebraska Proximity to town: 25ish minutes to Omaha Cost: $38.00 a day (I have the KOA Value Kard, so I saved 10% on the base cost). Dates: June 21-22 2017

Space: I love when a staff member takes me in a golf cart to my camping site. After a traumatic experience towing my camper that afternoon, all I wanted to do is get inside my RV and process what had happened to me. The staff helped put me at ease just by taking me to my site. Truthfully, I didn’t examine the area as much as I should have because I was so worked up, but I did note the greenery and the ample room between my camping spot and my neighbor’s camping spot.

Facilities / Amenities: This is a beautiful KOA. Aside from the greenery, the park is clean, organized, and welcoming. There is a pool, mini-golf, bounce-pad, bike rentals, pizza delivery, and much more. My trip was just one night, so I didn’t do much aside from shower and buy a Diet Coke, but I know if I stayed longer, I would have been happy with all of the things this KOA offers its guests.

The Hosts and the Office: The office isn’t huge, but there is a place to get pizza, coffee, sodas, RV items, and even get breakfast. Everyone was very kind to me in the store, and because I was a little freaked out, their kindness that afternoon went a very long way. To me, the kindness was the best part of my stay this time.

Practice what you park: I thought this KOA was pretty truthful about everything. I was a little shocked at how far it was from Omaha, but that was a failure on my part, not the park’s fault.

I didn’t love that the hose hookup was on the opposite side from the connections on my RV. Usually, the hose and the electric hookups are on the same side as the utility hookups, so hoses don’t have to be stretched across or underneath a camper or RV. The water spigot was located on the opposite side from the electricity, so I had a hose stretched under my camper. It wasn’t a big deal since my hose was long enough, but it was a little bit of an inconvenience. In the end, I was just happy to have water.

Other information (road noise, etc.): There is a large outlet mall minutes from the KOA. Sure, camping isn’t about shopping, but in case you have a hankering for a new pair of Nike shoes, or you want some new pajamas, you are all set. I know that it is hard to remember everything when you are on a trip, and staying here, you have more options than a small-town Wal-Mart.

My experiences: I pulled into the KOA mentally exhausted, scared, and pretty apprehensive about my decision to drive across the country in my RV, alone. When I got out of my Jeep to plug in my power and water, a wave of humidity and heat hit me in the face. It was unlike nothing I have ever experienced before. If I had not seen all of the campers (and the families tucked inside their cool campers), I’d have thought I was in the Philipines and not Nebraska. Thankfully, my friends from Nebraska assured me that heat and humidity is normal there, and the EXCESSIVE heat that weekend? Not normal. Phew.


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