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The Mess Maker

Hi. I'm Meg. I'm the epitome of an oxymoron. 

Years ago, if you had asked me if I like camping, I would have laughed. I am a city girl who dislikes dirt. 

After RVing only once, I fell in love. Forget about finding dirt underneath my well-polished nails. Forget about dumping my chemical toilet. None of it bothers me now, as long as I'm in my camper and on the road.

Her Fine Mess is an RV-inspired, informative, lifestyle-ish travel website. Full disclosure: I'm not the best at updating my blog because I write and edit RV-related content full time for RVezy.

I'm an advocate for solo female RVing, and I travel alone in my Airstream Basecamp 16X (Margo) and tow with my Jeep Gladiator (Todd). When I'm not doing the solo-female RV thing, I'm out on the road with my husband and our fur kids in our 30-foot Airstream International.

I rarely travel totally alone. Theodore and Pippa, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, are my constant companions, so my RV park reviews and travel anecdotes usually collide with a post or picture of my dogs. I think my two dogs are pretty cute, and what is more adorable than RV with a dog or two inside? Not many things!

Thanks for coming along with me. I can't wait to share more RV adventures and misadventures with you!

A timeline of my RVs

Coming soon: 2022 Jayco Swift

Solo RV: 2020 Airstream Basecamp X

Family RV: 2022 Airstream International

First solo RV: 2018 nüCamp T@B Outback

Previous family RV: 2018 Fleetwood Southwind

Before that: 2017 Heartland Road Warrior

First family RV: Forest River Sandstorm

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