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  • Meagan Butler

Five Winter Gift Ideas for Female RVers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to buy your RV-loving partner, wife, or friend a camping gift. Female RVers, no matter what time of year it is, are always thinking about their next camping trip. Whether she’s winterized her rig or headed to the mountains next week for a snowy adventure, she will want some cold-weather RV gear to take along with her. Instead of combing the internet for suggestions on the best gifts for female RV owners or girl campers, get the female RVer in your life something she’d love almost as much as she loves her RV.

The Five Best Gifts for Female RV Owners

I don’t need a disclaimer to share any of these products with you. I chose these items because I like them, and I think the female camper or girl RVer in your life will like them, too. I’ve not been compensated in any form to share my list of the best gifts for female RV owners. I just want every gal to be a happy camper this holiday season!

Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Uncoupling your trailer hitch with frozen fingers is as productive as using watercolors in the rain. As someone who has perpetually cold fingers — thank you, Raynaud’s disease — setting up or taking down my trailer in cold weather is almost always a challenge.

Fingerless compression gloves help my circulation, but they don’t always prevent the onset of colorless fingertips, and wearing mittens or thick gloves gets in the way of my motor skills and extends my time outside in the cold. I’ve found that the easiest way to set up or take down my trailer in the cold is to keep hand warmers in my pockets to give the circulation in my fingers a boost. Disposable hand warmers work great, but they negate an RVer’s desire to cut down on waste. Plus, the cost of buying new hand warmers adds up over time.

Image from

This year, I’m asking for some rechargeable hand warmers in my stocking. I can have pretty-colored hand warmers that I can charge inside my Airstream Basecamp even when I’m boondocking. Now, I can’t wait for winter camping. Bring on the cold!

Pendleton Wool Blankets

Some people don’t care if their camper or RV is cute. I am not some people.

I’m always looking for the decor that will work best for the small space in my Basecamp. While I think any Pendleton blanket will be an excellent gift for any RVer, I’m partial to the Pendleton National Park Blankets because a portion of the proceeds supports the National Park Foundation. There isn’t much better than a cute, comfy, and charitable gift!

Image from Pendleton

Wool blankets are comfortable year-round, odor-resistant, moisture-resistant, and fire-resistant, making them perfect for an RV.

Stanley Adventure Stay Hot Camp Crock

Stanley has upped their game over the last few years and created products that cater to adventurers of all kinds. I’d be lying to you if I said that I think the Stanley Adventure Stay Hot Camp Crock is the only Stanley product you should give your girl camper friends this year. I found at least five items that I need in my RV.

Stanley Claus? Are you listening? I’ve been a good girl all year. I promise.

Image from Stanley

This season, give the female RVer in your life, something that will help her year-round. The Adventure Stay Hot Camp Crock will make long travel days easier because she can cook something hot at home (or in her RV kitchen) and then place the cooked food inside the leakproof and packable Adventure Stay Hot Camp Crock to keep her food hot for up to 12 hours. After a long day towing and setting up camp, I can’t think of an easier way to have a hot dinner inside of the RV with the least amount of fuss.

The crock is also dual-purpose. Its stainless steel, double-wall vacuum insulation also keeps things cold for up to 16 hours. I’d pack ice cubes inside of the crock and use it to keep my ice ready for when it’s time to make campfire cocktails!

Branch Basics Cleaning Concentrate

Branch Basics is one of the best gifts you can give a girl RVer. Sure, I am odd, and I actually like to clean, but even people who clean only for necessity will appreciate Branch Basics.

Image from Branch Basics

I first heard about Branch Basics from my sister, who has a rare lung disease, Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM). She needed a cleaning product that wouldn’t emit artificial fragrances and toxins into the air when she cleaned. The cleaning products she used to keep her house free of bacteria, germs, and viruses were actually aggravating her lungs, almost negating the purpose of using a cleaner. She loved how she could use one bottle of concentrate to make cleaners that would keep her home and her lungs safe.

I now use the products in my house, RV, and trailer. If you struggle with the thought of buying cleaning products for a gift, here are a few reasons why you should give the gift of Branch Basics to the female RVer in your life:

  1. One bottle of fragrance-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, biodegradable concentrate can clean her whole RV from top to bottom for months and months.

  2. One bottle of concentrate makes window cleaner, laundry detergent, foaming hand wash, all-purpose cleaner, and bathroom cleaner.

  3. Fewer cleaning products allow more space for other camping essentials.

  4. All she needs is water, a bottle, and the concentrate.

  5. Some RV manufacturers discourage the use of most chemical-based cleaning products because it disintegrates or damages RV surfaces. Using Branch Basics could eliminate potential expensive damage.*

  6. Branch Basics is biodegradable. If you only put biodegradable products down your black tank (and that’s where poop goes), why wouldn’t you use biodegradable products on the surfaces you touch?

*Always follow your manufacturer’s recommended cleaning suggestions.

Women’s L.L. Bean Mountain Slipper Boot Mocs

Last winter, when I took my Basecamp to Lost Dutchman State Park in Arizona, I spent a lot of time during the day walking Pippa and Teddy (my Cavalier Spaniels). Like most spaniels, Teddy spent more time nosing around the trail and sticking his head where it didn’t belong than he did walking. He must have snatched something when I wasn’t looking because somewhere around 2:00 AM, he started beating the jingle bells I hang by the door, begging me to go out. Emergency! I had my flip-flops by the door, but I also had socks on to keep warm, and as Teddy dragged me out the door, I dropped a shoe and ended up with one shoe on and one shoe off in the gravel, trying to pick up poop in the moonlight. If I had practical and warm winter shoes, I could have slipped my boots on and still made it out of the door quickly.

Image from L.L. Bean

These L.L. Bean Mountain Slipper Boot Mocs are slip on and warm. They are also water-resistant and have a good, grippy tread. If it’s rainy, cold, or snowing, these shoes will keep your girl’s feet warm. If she doesn’t have a dog, don’t discount these shoes, either! She might want a cozy campfire shoe or something to slip on when she needs to change over the propane.

Now, go and put a little glamp in her camp and tell Santa that she wants one (or all) of the presents listed on my five best gifts for female RV owners!

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Aug 11, 2022

I love your adventures and your comment about your Teddy having to go potty at 2 am. Are you ever nervous or how do u deal with these wee hour mornings with your babies out like this , I think about coyotes or whatever could be around! Love how you do this! I want to Soo bad but am hesitant to be alone out there! Thank you for all of the great info u share!!! Pam

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