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  • Meagan Butler

How NOT To Use Essential Oils

Everyone around me has been sick the last few weeks. I have tried desperately to not come down with this cold that is hovering over Denver like a black cloud. When I started to feel the tickle in my throat, and Pat was sleeping downstairs because he was coughing so much, I amped up the use of Umcka and My Native American Oils Immunity Boost. I think it really helped ward off some of the sickness, although, I still caught a bit of the bug. I am not complaining, because I am functioning, but just a bit under the weather. I truly believe in the power of oils.

Two nights ago, I was lying in bed reading about the Immunity Boost and where I could roll it on besides my feet. I’ve put it behind my ears, and in the crooks of my arms when I couldn’t get to my toes because I was wearing shoes. I saw that putting it on lymph nodes was an option, so I immediately rolled the oils all over my armpits. NOW, I know this is a hot oil blend. I’ve felt the tingle on my arms. I read the warnings. I guess I just wasn’t thinking and thought the best lymph nodes were under my arms.

Not one minute later, my armpits were blazing like the power of 1,000 suns. It was like I rubbed cayenne pepper, cinnamon sticks, and fireball whiskey, and slept outside in the middle of a Phoenix summer with my pits to the sky. For the love of all that is holy…I launched myself off the bed and gave my burning armpits a quick sink bath. Nothing. I wiped with Charmin bum wipes. Nothing. I put aloe vera on. Nothing. I finally had to sleep (or attempt to sleep) with a compress of icy washcloths and my arms skyward.

Let me just say, it wasn’t pleasant. So, heed the warnings. When it says it is a hot oil blend, it is a hot oil blend. Don’t put this on sensitive skin areas. Thank goodness I has the foresight to avoid the groin lymph nodes.


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