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  • Meagan Butler

New To Rving? Get Started On Your New Adventure!

Of course, every trip you take in your RV is going to have different packing needs. These are the lists that we use to set-up and take down our RV, as well as the original packing list we compiled before our first trip. We spent a lot of time at the Colorado and Phoenix Camping World getting supplies, and Kohl’s and Costco were our best friends when it came to getting the necessary kitchen items and bulk-food and beverages. These lists don’t really have food items for each trip on them, as they are more a generic-every day trip kind of lists. Some things were specific to us, but they should be a good base-line for setting up and getting started in your RV. A few things you may see crossed out, as they changed from our first trip (one with the-on board water heater) to our second trip (once we installed an on-demand water heater). More on upgrades in a different post, as they may make your RV life easier, or sometimes more difficult.

One fun item to note. We have a travel log we keep in the RV. We note the milage when we leave, and the mileage upon our arrival to our destination. We log where we left from and where we stopped for the night. If we have multiple stops, we log the mileage for those places, too. Why? Well, it is cool to see how far we’ve traveled and where we have gone. The biggest reason we do this is because maintenance is a huge part of the RV experience. We know what kind of maintenance needs to be done based on our actual mileage, and can always keep track of things like checking the tire pressure, the seals in and on the RV, the lug-nuts on the tires, or just basic maintenance to the hoses and other items in our RV. We use just a basic finance ledger with simple entry points, but a spiral notebook would do the trick as well.

Hopefully these lists will be a bit of help to those of you who are just beginning your RV adventures.

List #1 Check In and Check Out (Reverse the list for check out / and change wording to work with connect or disconnect)

  1. RV Check In (at the camp site)

  2. Check in

  3. Get Access and Wifi codes and other (ie. Pool codes…)

  4. RV park layout (where are showers, bathrooms, etc.)

  5. Walk site

  6. Look for obstructions, etc.

  7. Unload motorcycle (if applicable)

  8. Back into site  / drive into site

  9. Check location of sewer connection / water connection / electrical / etc.

  10. Note mileage and record in mileage book

  11. Set Parking Brake

  12. Level trailer (left to right)

  13. Use blocks

  14. Use wheel chocks

  15. Unhook trailer

  16. Put pad underneath jack

  17. Disconnect Break Line

  18. Disconnect Power

  19. Disconnect Trailer

  20. Store sway-hitch items in back of truck or trailer compartments

  21. Drive away from trailer

  22. Put lock on trailer hitch so no one steals it

  23. Level trailer (front to back)

  24. Level with jack

  25. Engage 4 stabilizers

  26. Use blocks under stabilizers

  27. Deploy steps

  28. Connect power / test power

  29. Surge Protector

  30. Surge Protector Locking Clasp

  31. Loop cables

  32. Turn on propane

  33. Inside Stuff

  34. Turn on radio and outside speakers

  35. Turn on inside fans / AC / heater

  36. Raise antenna

  37. Turn on fridge (set to A/C)

  38. Store bags / clothes

  39. Connect sewer line (use  gloves)

  40. Use sewer line support

  41. Stow container in storage

  42. Connect water line

  43. Spray water nozzle with Lysol and wipe clean

  44. Connect Y adaptor

  45. Connect pressure regulator

  46. Connect white hose

  47. Connect filter

  48. Run water through hose to clean out filter

  49. Fill up on board water tank?

  50. Connect filter / hose to water inlet

  51. Connect other hose to Y adaptor (may elect not to do this)

  52. These items are no longer applicable:

  53. Turn off hot water heater bypass (will adjust after on demand heater is in place)

  54. Turn on hot water faucet to fill hot water heater (will adjust after on demand heater is in place)

  55. Turn on hot water heater

  56. Run sink faucet and dissolve gray water chemical pack

  57. Flush toilet once or twice and add toilet chemical pack

  58. Stow container(s) in storage

  59. Connect TV Cable (if applicable)

  60. Deploy satellite  (not for Grand Teton trip)

  61. Connect TV

  62. Search channels and tune as appropriate

  63. Setup Hulu / Netflix (On the Roku)

  64. Deploy Awning

  65. Put up lights

  66. Put up shade (if applicable)

  67. Put up sign (need to get a sign)

  68. Hang up outdoor sensor for temp / humidity

  69. Outside stuff

  70. Put out the rug

  71. Put out chairs / table / grill

  72. Unload cooler into fridge / freezer (if applicable)

  73. Store containers

  74. Prep fire ring (if applicable)

  75. Have a beer (or three)

List #2 What You May Need to Get Started In Your RV

  1. Sanitation stuff

  2. Sewer line

  3. Clear sewer line connector

  4. Gloves

  5. Black tank chemical pods

  6. Gray tank chemical pods

  7. Toilet Paper – RV Tank Friendly

  8. Matches (Keep away from the propane–for unpleasant bathroom odors)

  9. Also need an empty Altoids can for the burnt ones

  10. Water items

  11. White water hose

  12. Pressure regulator

  13. Filter

  14. Y connector

  15. Lysol can

  16. Regular water hose

  17. Hose nozzles, etc.

  18. Electrical

  19. Surge protector (30 amp)

  20. Surge protector locking clasp

  21. Lock for clasp

  22. Extension cord (30 amp)

  23. Dog bone connectors (50 to 30 and a 20 to 30)

  24. Outside stuff

  25. Carpenter Level

  26. Wheel chocks

  27. Levelers

  28. Tongue jack pad

  29. Cooler

  30. Yeti Cooler

  31. Small cooler for the car ride

  32. Chairs and table (Camping Style chairs)

  33. Reclining Chairs

  34. Hammock (in event near place with trees)??

  35. Straps for trees??

  36. Bug net?

  37. Rain cover?

  38. Outdoor rug (All-weather)

  39. Rugs for metal steps

  40. Outdoor rug to wipe feet and one for the inside of the camper

  41. Awning shade

  42. Awning light / shade track

  43. Awning light

  44. Grill & charcoal

  45. BBQ tools

  46. Grill brush

  47. Spatula

  48. Tongs

  49. Flag? (These are to personalize your camp site)

  50. Sign?

  51. Inside stuff

  52. Charge cables (USB connection and wall connection)

  53. Temperature system (inside / outside) plus batteries and hook to hang outside sensor

  54. Temp gage for fridge / freezer

  55. WIFI hot spot

  56. Ice maker???

  57. Cleaning stuff

  58. Broom & dustpan

  59. Vacuum (Small up-right)

  60. Wipes (Clorox / Lysol wipes)

  61. Toilet Brush (Expect to get this in Phoenix)

  62. Foam mattress topper

  63. Small safe

  64. Kitchen stuff

  65. Paper Towels x 2

  66. Dish sponge

  67. Dish soap

  68. Bottle opener

  69. Wine bottle opener

  70. Spatula

  71. Tongs

  72. Pizza stone to fit in the stove (to distribute the heat in the oven)

  73. Baking dish

  74. Pot to boil stuff in with strainer lid

  75. Skillet

  76. Electric Skillet

  77. Kitchen towels x 2 (or 3)

  78. Plates

  79. Cups

  80. Coffee mugs

  81. Utensils

  82. Seasoning

  83. Lawry’s season salt

  84. Other

  85. Coffee pot for stovetop (Percolator style)

  86. Coffee

  87. Coffee filters

  88. Cutting Board

  89. Measuring spoons

  90. Utility knife

  91. Beer coozies (long neck and can)

  92. Workout stuff

Of course, there are a LOT more items you may need for your trip, and we add to our list every time we go. Like movies, and games, or books and outdoor activities. RV adventures are some of the best adventures-so have fun, and don’t stress while you plan your trip!


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