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  • Meagan Butler

The Best Gadget for RV Fanatics

I realize we have been missing in action, but just chalk it up to travel! We did a lot of reveling this summer, and just wrapped up RV season with our last trip to The Valley of The Sun (Phoenix).  I’ll be blogging about those adventures, soon, as well as some of my non-RV travels, since international travel is always fun to talk about.

Currently, Pat is pulling the RV, and I am composing a blog on my iPad. Technology is pretty great! I wanted to share one of the new items we purchased for this trip, the X-Chock wheel stabilizer. I had never heard of this little gadget until Pat whipped them out and began to place them between the tires. Let me back up a bit, and say that we aren’t little people. The rock inside when we are parked, with our stabilizers are down is pretty significant. We have all of the tools employed for a stable-stay, but because we are on tires, there is a sway when more than one person walks, or heavier people move about. I suspect those with running children or toddlers experience some movement and sway as well. Pat purchased this tool that clamps in between our back wheels and ratchets down and compresses so the tires experience less rock and sway. Let me just say, these are a must have! Pat ordered them from Amazon (thank you, Prime), but Camping World also has them for sale. Here is a handy link for your purchasing ease: Camping World X Chock

I’d say all RV people need a pair of these if you experience any kind of rock or movement inside the trailer. I am not sure if the larger, non-pull RV campers experience a sway, but if they do, I’d suggest giving these X-Chock bad-boys a chance!


Image Courtesy of Camping World


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