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  • Meagan Butler

The Grand Tetons Day 3

Day Three in the Tetons: I was a little tired, but I didn’t want to miss out on any of the sights. I was still on the hunt for a moose, so like any girl, I needed to be alert and check every water way and winding stream for the allusive creature. No such luck. The only animal (so to speak) that we spotted on this day was a beaver. Technically, a beaver house, but no beaver. Either way, I was just waiting for the buck tooth beav to chase me from his hole that I had been precariously close to, but he must have been out chuckin’ wood or something, because not even an encounter took place.

After moose hunting and beaver watching, we went to Lake Jenny to take a boat ride. Apparently, the water has to be 58 degrees before you can boat on Lake Jenny, so we went to Lake Jackson instead. To me, a lake is a lake, and I didn’t care where we boated, so I was fine with the decision.

I was amazed how beautiful the Tetons looked from the water. The above picture was taken from the middle of the lake. There were times where the water barely rippled, and the mountains were a mirror image from the peaks to the base. I hate to say it, but I think I was an open mouthed belly breather much of the boat ride because I was in such awe of the grandeur in front of me. Of course, when I wasn’t gawking, I was driving the boat. Yo ho, yo ho, a captain’s life for me!

I have to admit it, I generally play the skipper when it comes to boating, so much of the time I just had my feet back on the sides of the boat, my hand skimming the frigid water, and my mind taking in all of the scenery. It is probably a good thing I didn’t steer the boat the whole ride, because my party and I may have ended our little one-hour tour, and ended up marooned, forced to fend for ourselves, feeding on fish, and living in a house like this one:

I was a little bummed to leave the Tetons, because I think it is probably one of the prettiest places on Earth. For someone who isn’t much of a camper, I loved every second of this park, and I can’t wait to go back. I think anyone who lives on the West side of the country needs to take the time to drive to the Grand Tetons, and experience the beauty themselves.


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