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  • Meagan Butler

The Grand Tetons: Where to Stay

This post has been a long time coming. The Grand Tetons is one of my favorite places to stay. I have been lucky enough to stay at The Grand Tetons National Park many times. The first time I stayed, I went the camping route. My friend and I decided on a whim to take a trip to Wyoming, and we took one of the only available camping spots left. Thankfully, these spots were AMAZING. If you like to tent-camp, but roughing it with bears might not be everything you dreamed of, check out the Colter-Bay tent-cabins. Basically, these cabins offer 2 log walls, and 2 canvas walls with prison-style cots, a wood burning stove, and a swinging front door. They offer more protection than a tent, while still providing a fire ring, lockable bear box, and close proximity to clean restrooms. I like the fact that I can enjoy the outdoors, but, I can change standing up, and I can heat a fire in case the weather in June is chilly. I liked this place so much, that I’ve stayed in the tent-cabins two summers in a row!

Once Pat and I purchased an RV, the idea of going back to The Grand Tetons was exciting. I wanted to show him what I deemed was “Alaska in the lower-49.”

Even though I’d walked and driven through the park’s other RV spots, we chose the Colter Bay park because of its full-hook ups, proximity to activities within the park, location to the southern entrance to Yellowstone, and the space allocated in between each camper. We stayed at Colter Bay RV Park in the summer of 2014 and 2015 (both times in June). We highly recommend you make your reservations sooner than later. Book after the first of the year to guarantee your Tetons adventure.

The RV spots are located in between tall-lodgepole pine trees. When the wind blows, the smell of pine, and the tranquil sound of the breeze fluttering through the pines is soothing, and is just what the city-folk need to truly escape. Proximity between campers is huge for us. We camp to escape, and when our RV is on top of another RV, we tend to get a little cranky. Both times we stayed at Colter Bay, we had plenty of room to open our awning, and we didn’t have someone’s sewer hoses backing up to our front door.

We sat outside under our awning for hours at a time. It rained; it snowed, and we had sunshine. All we needed was a heated throw, a lounge chair, the ambient awning lighting, and a good book, and we were all set for whatever the weather had to offer us. Of course, we weren’t the only campers there, but everyone for the most part kept quiet, and respected each other’s space. It really is hard to have privacy staying amongst so many people, but this camp spot seems to make camping in an RV park seem like camping out in the wilderness-but with all of the amenities.

Here are some of the great features of the Colter Bay RV Park

  1. Price (We paid 55 USD for a pull-through site).

  2. Location (5 minute walk to the general store, 2 restaurants, hiking, water stations, showers, gift shops, ranger station, and even a boat dock. Also-the laundry was a 5 minute walk, and there is free wi-fi there). Also, staying here offers a quick drive to other amazing spots within the park.

  3. Friendliness of the staff

  4. Propane fill ups on-property (which is necessary when it snows)

  5. Full-hook ups

  6. Sorry, no TV available

  7. Restrooms (clean) in case you don’t want to use the RV camode)

  8. Wildlife (oh, those fox pups–bestill my heart)

  9. Large RV spots with a picnic table. There are not fire rings at the RV parks in The Tetons. My guess is that fire plus sewage pipes isn’t exactly safe.

  10. Walking trails everywhere. Note: you can bring your bikes with you, but  bikes aren’t allowed on many trails. I think a biker on a trail is like a dinner bell for a bear. There are bike-only spots, and you can certainly bike within the park, but know you will have to drive to get to more bike-friendly trails. I’ll outline biking in another post.

Overall impressions: This place is an RV paradise. If you are looking for wilderness and beauty, with many amenities, We’d recommend Colter Bay. Run-don’t walk, and reserve your summer adventure now!


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