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  • Meagan Butler

We Know Jack {Pads}

When we first bought our RV, everything was a learning experience for us. As any RVer knows, trial and error is the best way to determine what works best for you and your rig. Some of the lessons we learned on the road were learned by making big mistakes {like the time we didn’t know we needed towing mirrors} and other lessons we learned by being in the right place at the right time.

One of our favorite RV items came to us because we happened to be in the right place at the right time. We were on our way down from Colorado to Arizona to pick up our new RV. The store that sold us our RV happened to purchase some RV jack pads from someone who lived close to us in Colorado. The salesperson asked us if we’d be willing to bring his order down with us in exchange for 4 jack pads. Of course, we agreed, not really even knowing what a jack pad was, let alone if we needed one or not. We just wanted to be helpful, so we hauled a very large box of what felt like bricks in the back of our truck. When we got to Arizona and picked up our RV, the salesperson opened the box and handed us 4 wooden pads with handles on them. They looked handmade but very nice. We took them with us and headed to set up our rig for the first time. Within minutes of cranking down our stabilizing jacks, we knew our stabilizers weren’t going to sit flat on the gravel surface. In fact, they started to shift and sink into the rocks. The lightbulb came on, and we immediately knew what these blocks were for! Within minutes, we had a leveled RV, and our jacks weren’t sinking into the ground. Voila!

While there are a variety of RV jack pads on the market, I think ours are some of the best. They are large enough to fit the entire surface of the stabilizer and large enough to keep the RV from sinking in uneven or precarious surfaces like dirt or sand. The solid wood material is not slippery, and the solid nature of the wood is durable and offers us a very secure landing for our stabilizers. Call it luck or whatever you will, but I am thankful for these 4 wooden blocks. I hope to one day find a few more to use on our newer, larger RV, but for now, I am happy with the four we have. This product came from the best trade we ever made!


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