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  • Meagan Butler

Why We RV: The Beginning

In the winter of 2013, Pat and I were visiting my hometown of Phoenix for Christmas, and really began to look forward to the upcoming summer and warm weather. Phoenix winters really tend to get that little itch for summer in us, and soon our minds were full-throttle on summer. We spent much of our vacation outside enjoying 75 degree weather: hiking, looking at Harleys, frequenting as many Mexican food outdoor patios as possible, and daydreaming of warmer weather in Colorado as well as our upcoming summer plans. Perhaps it was a margarita (or three) that got us thinking about getting an RV, or maybe the prospects of spending our summer on the road, but whatever it was, it changed our lives forever.

One of the biggest events we like to participate is the annual Sturgis Bike Rally in South Dakota. While staying in Motel 6 or Travelodge for 400 dollars a night during The Rally sounds tempting, we began to wonder what it would be like to take the bike with us, stay in our own RV, and have the luxuries of home all while enjoying the rides on the motorcycle, and nights by a fire in the Black Hills.

We started to look up Toy Haulers online and found a dealer in Phoenix who might have a winterized RV toy hauler on sale. Since we normally live in a colder environment, a winterized package was a top priority for us, and those types of things don’t usually matter as much for Phoenicians, so we decided to go and check out what kind of deal we might find. We took my sister and her husband with us because they have had a lot of experiences with RVs and we knew they could give us some ideas if this hauler was a good deal or not.

We sat in many different toy haulers and decided the winterized Forest River Sandstorm T240 was the RV for us. My sister and her husband gave their nod of approval, and we decided to put some money down, and come and pick up the RV in the spring {Helloooo Spring Training}. Many different factors went in to us choosing this particular model {which we we will discuss in later blogs}, and we knew that we would love to take our own RV to Sturgis with the Harley in the back. We also knew that we could make our summers more fun by being out on the road and enjoying Colorado and making RVing a new favorite pastime.

The months from December to March seemed to creep. While I was bogged down with preparing for the annual state standardized testing extravaganza {wheeeee}, Pat was busy researching, talking to friends, frequenting Camping World, and putting together what we would need for our road trip back to Phoenix to pick up our RV. The day finally arrived. We loaded up our truck with the newly installed hitch and made the 13 hour drive to Phoenix with anticipation and pure love for what was to come.


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