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  • Meagan Butler

Choosing a T@B Teardrop Camper

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

It’s the time of the year where people start to dream of warm weather and summer vacations. The dream of traveling the country in an RV conjures iconic images of open-roads, freedom, crisp, mountain air, and campfires.

For prospective buyers, winter RV shows fuel the dream of owning campers, trailers, fifth wheels, Class Cs, Class Bs, and Class A recreational vehicles. RV enthusiasts can walk in and out of every type of RV and ask questions about the RV life. The wide-eyed, gaping mouth looks on peoples’ faces make it apparent that the RV life is a life worth having.

How do you choose what RV works for you?

I’m fickle. In five years, I have owned a travel trailer toy-hauler, a fifth wheel toy-hauler, a teardrop trailer, and a Class A motorhome. I’ve also spent two weeks in the Alaskan Kenai Peninsula in a Class C motorhome. I am well-versed in the RV life. I know what I like, and I don’t like about RVs. Perhaps my fickleness will save you from making a hasty purchase and encourage you to do some extensive research before purchasing an RV.

If you are considering buying a teardrop trailer, you need to add NüCamp’s T@B to your list of prospective RVs. I purchased my T@B last year, and I’ve not had any regrets. None. I am practically foaming at the mouth awaiting the warmer weather and the signal of another RV season. Perhaps an honest and unbiased review of my rig will help persuade you to give NüCamp a try.

Why I love my Tab trailer

  • My T@B is adorable. I am pulling a conversation piece with me everywhere I go.

  • I can tow my T@B (easily) with my Jeep Grand Cherokee.

  • The dry towing weight is around 1,900lbs. That’s light!

  • I get decent gas mileage while I’m towing (14-16mpg).

  • I can see easily around my T@B while I’m on the road.

  • Maneuvering in a gas station (and in parking lots) is quite easy.

  • I LOVE the Outback (now called the Boondock) Package. Why? –It’s rugged and sits higher off the ground. –The off-road kit makes camping off the grid more simple. –I have a Yakima rack with a spare tire mounted to the camper. –I can get into trickier camping spots with the higher pitch.

  • I feel safe inside my camper at night. This little camper is secure!

  • The dual-purpose window coverings move up for shade and down for screens.

  • The windows open outward. I’m not scared at night thinking that a grown man could climb in my open window. It’s almost impossible.

  • I have an air conditioner!

  • My Alde heater is a radiant-style silent heater/water heater.

  • I can watch cable TV (when the parks have cable available).

  • I have a DVD player and Bluetooth-ready sound system.

  • When I’m alone, I can make up half the bed AND use the couch at the same time.

T@B, teardrop

I only convert half of the seating area to a bed when I travel alone.

  • The bed is {almost} king sized when it’s fully converted.

  • The door has a retractable pocket screen. I LOVE this feature.

  • My little fridge is a 3-way switch, meaning I can almost always have cold food.

  • It has a bathroom and a shower. I fondly-refer to this as the shitter-shower combo or the “shoilet.” Most manufacturers refer to this feature as a wet-bath.

The kitchen, the shoilet, and a view of the TV and seating area.

An interior view of the shoilet. You can also see the TV and the sound system.

  • Solar connections came with my package. I purchased my Zamp Solar panels on Amazon.

  • My visor sunshade is so adorable, and it is easy for me to deploy on my own. I have the XL visor.

  • When I am driving cross-country and only staying in a spot for one night, I don’t even take the T@B off the hitch. I just plug in my electricity, my water, and I go to sleep!

  • It is quick and easy to set up and take down. I don’t have a lot of strength, but I can still do everything myself.

  • If I need to do a little maneuvering in my space, the handles in the front make it easy for me to push and position the camper.

  • I’ve got everything I need tucked into one little camper. I can cook on the propane stove; I can have dinner at the Lagun table; I can wash my dishes with hot water, and I can read from my LED bedside lights.

  • I feel at home inside my T@B.

T@B, deardrop

The kitchen has a sink, a propane stove, and a refrigerator.

The Lagun table, the air conditioner, and the seating area.

Things I Would Change about My T@B

  • While I am grateful for a place to bathe and use the bathroom, I don’t love the shoilet. I don’t care to poop and shower in the same space.

  • Speaking of shitters: I wish that the grey and black tanks could have a shared connection. I dislike taking my hose on and off each tank when it is time to clean. One port would make my life so much easier.

  • The coupler on the hitch can be a bit tricky.

  • I’d love built-in storage boxes across the whole front axle. There isn’t a lot of storage on the T@B.

  • Having a pretty and secure place to keep my hoses would be perfect.

  • I’m tall. There are a few places where I have to hunch a bit to fit inside.

  • There isn’t an outdoor shower.

  • The storage is minimal (both inside and outside).

  • The converted bed isn’t super comfy. Softer cushions or foam-lined cushions would make the T@B a lot plusher.

  • Because of the small size, it is not easy to back up. The camper moves quickly and sharply behind my Jeep. Right now, I rely on the help of the helpful campground hosts to guide me into any back-in spaces.

  • My camper is cute. Why is this a negative? People don’t always have boundaries when approaching me. I get stopped all of the time. ALL. OF. THE. TIME. People want to know about my camper. They want to see the inside of my camper. They want to know what makes the T@B so unique. They don’t realize that I’m a solo-traveling female, and perhaps their questions might make me a tad uncomfortable.

People, RV life, IS LIFE. Get out there, find something you love, and get on the road. You will NEVER regret the time you invest in yourself, your family, and your beautiful country! Go small. Go T@B.

T@B, teardrop

I am a happy camper!

*All opinions expressed are my own. I am not a paid affiliate of any of the products mentioned above.


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