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  • Meagan Butler

Harvest Hosts Camping: Shumway Farms

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Harvest Hosts camping, Her Fine Mess

I’m not hard to please. All you need to tell me is that there will be sheep and baby cows, and I don’t need to know the question because the answer is always YES.

Yes to chickens. Yes to a working dairy farm. Yes to fresh ice cream, cheese, milk, Icelandic Skyr, and grass-fed beef. I wanted to say yes to cheese curds, but the squeaking sound in my teeth weirded me out, so I’ll just let Pat say yes to the cheese curds.

I’m writing this post from Shumway Farms, in Afton, Wyoming. This farm is a host included in my Harvest Hosts membership. I always envisioned that I’d spend my first night using my Harvest Hosts camping membership in my Basecamp, surrounded by vineyards or tucked in quietly next to a brewery, but instead, I’m with Pat in the Class A, and I’m surrounded by rolling green hills on one side of the rig and by the cutest calves on the other side of the RV. It’s perfect, even though I envisioned something different.

I want to go out and pet the baby cows. The brown cow and the black and white cow keep looking at me with the same kind of gaze my Cavaliers give me, and to me? That means they want me to pet them. I’m refraining, though, because this farm is a working farm, and I’m lucky to be here. I’m following the rules and enjoying my stay.

Sometimes, guests can watch during the miking, and kids can milk the cows. I’m a kid at heart, so does that mean I get to milk the cows, too? If not, I’ll settle for eating more ice cream while the sun sets, and I’ll fill up my water jugs with the potable spring water on site.

If you haven’t heard of Harvest Hosts, I highly recommend it. If you have a self-contained RV, this membership is for you! I’m excited to use my Harvest Hosts membership again and stay at other family-run businesses or mom-and-pop shops. I’d rather buy from a small business, so, for me? Harvest Hosts is a way for me, and the entire RVing community to support the good people across our country.

Harvest Hosts camping, Her Fine Mess, Shumway Farms

Now? I’m going to look at the cows and laugh at my dogs’ reactions to the roosters and chickens running underneath our rig. Thanks, Shumway Farms! I hope that the RV community keeps visiting your beautiful farm. I couldn’t have asked for a better first Harvest Hosts camping experience.

*I’m not a Harvest Hosts affiliate, and I don’t get paid to promote Harvest Hosts or Harvest Hosts camping. I love to share my RVing experiences with people, and I’ll always give an honest and unbiased review of the places I stay or the services I receive. While I do freelance writing for other RV publications, all views in my blog are my own. Happy Camping! 


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