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  • Meagan Butler

The RV Community

As soon as we became owners of a Heartland Road Warrior, we began to look for other people who might share the same interests as we have when it comes to RVing. We are 40 somethings with jobs that don’t allow us to spend extended periods of time on the road, but when we do RV, we want to socialize and spend time with other people who may have similar lifestyles to ours. We began our search and realized that

Heartland has an Owners Forum. The forum contains message boards with topics ranging from tips, tricks, and hacks to question and answer boards with topics on refrigerators, furnaces, and items for sale. Aside from the wealth of information available, we quickly realized that we could become members of a community and be a part something much larger than a couple and their RV. We immediately signed up to become a member of the Heartland Owners Club, and we received our name tags, stickers, member numbers, and other schwag in the mail within a week. Once we received our official membership, we began to look into the Heartland Community forums a little more deeply. We had the intent to meet other people who might be headed to destinations that we would be traveling to at some point in the future. What we found while searching was something much bigger than people with similar interests. The RV community is HUGE and the people who RV want to be involved with others who share the love of motor homing. There are state chapters, owners rallies, owners campouts, owners meet and greets, and much more. We immediately connected with other members in the Heartland Owners Club, and we’ve already registered for the Heartland Colorado Chapter Rally in Fort Collins, Colorado in June of 2017. In addition to the Fort Collins Rally, we’ve also signed up for a Regional Rally in Pueblo, Colorado in 2018. These events are not the average get-together. Some events have more than just potlucks and evening events for RVers. Some events have sponsors, vendor displays, arts and crafts, murder mystery dinners, and so much more. Even though these events are months and even years away, the anticipation and interests are high (the 2018 Regional Rally is already sold out). Other ways we’ve connected to RVers is through our involvement in social media. I have a blog, a twitter, Instagram, and a Snapchat where I’ve made connections to people of all ages who love to travel in RVs. I truly enjoy reading posts and seeing feeds with people young and older who truly love living on the road, or only experiencing RV travel once in awhile for vacation. I’m always excited to find new people to follow. How do you stay connected to the RV community? Is it through blogs, facebook groups, rallies, RV shows, or something totally different? I’d love to hear how I can further my love for all things RV related and share more common interests with other road warriors both near and far!


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